My Personal Logo



As someone who has always dreamed about making his own logo, I wanted to create something interesting and witty, yet spoke to me on a personal level.  This project goes through the whole process of the first design to the animation that can be seen on the landing page of this website.


Owls have always been a thing for me.  In truth, I feel that the Owl is my spirit animal.  Ever since I realised the acronym for my name spelled "OWL" I have always wanted to incorporate it into a personal logo.  Not only that, I feel that they represent a lot about who I am and who I want to be. They are wise, intuitive, nocturnal, and symbols of change.  Granted, being wise is definitely up to the judgement of others, but I feel that I greatly rely on my past experiences and intuition to make decisions.  In addition, I always feel like I want to make a difference in whatever I do whether it be a small contribution or a big one.  From that, I grow as an individual and this represents that symbol of change.  I may relate to being nocturnal just to have an excuse to stay up late, but I swear I actually am more productive and creative during the evening.  


Initial sketches

Below are the first few sketches I created to get started creating a logo.  Since I was better at manipulating elements in Photoshop than drawing everything out, I decided to take the few elements I had drawn, recreate them as vector graphics in Photoshop and then refine them there.

Iphone background

Because I had a lot of experience with warping text, I decided to see what I could do with the actual word "OWL" and see what interesting idea I could come up with.  Below is the first iteration of the logo that I decided to design as a phone background for myself.

Logo development

I felt unhappy with this logo as it felt a bit incomplete and a little too simple.  I also felt that the whole shape of the owl needed to be a bit more obvious.  I then decided to add another element to the shape to create the belly/chest of the owl.  

Final Logo

This gave the owl more body (literally).  I refined the leg a little more to make it look like an actual leg of an owl.  I ended up adding color and making the image below my final logo

Animating my logo

Having had no knowledge of animating prior to this, I decided to look up ways in which I could create an animation in the easiest way possible.  After some research, I watched a few videos on YouTube regarding flash animations and how to use Adobe Flash.  I was aware that this may not have been the best way to create it, but I really wanted to do something that would have quick results.  Upon realizing that I could create a GIF file instead of a flash animation, I created each frame of the animation in Flash and exported the frames as PNGs.  I was then able to open up the images as a sequence in Photoshop and create a high resolution GIF file without losing quality.  The idea behind the animation was to have the letters morph into my name as the animation played.

Below is the final result of my logo with its animation!