PetRo (short for Pet Robot) is a robot designed by Product Designer, Dr. Ben Salem.  Its concept is based upon the design of modular robots in the shape of caltrops.  Its main functions are to be for pet-like companionship and search and rescue operations.  Modules can combine together to form different structures with their own unique functions.  More information on the robot and its design can be found on Ben Salem's personal website.  I was requested by Dr. Ben Salem to design a mobile application user interface for his robot that incorporated all of the functions that the robot had.  He had requested simplicity and consistency in its design.


In order to get some inspiration, I created mind-maps and storyboards to try and find a way to set up the menus, features, and layouts of the application.



I was then able to come up a concept for a main menu.

I then refined it again into another concept that conformed to the shape of the actual robot instead.  

Upon further discussion with Ben, he said it looked a little to literal and he needed something a little more "clean" looking.  I went back to the drawing board and decided to use a paw print as a logo design and a main menu concept.  By using this element, it had a friendlier impression on the user and I felt that they wouldn't be so intimidated.


Below is a video showing all the progress that I made with the interface.  The program used to simulate the phone was Proto.io and the video was uploaded to my YouTube Channel.