B. Tap Baron


B. Tap Baron, formerly known as "Bubble Tap"  is a luxury desert brand created and owned by Zachary Zavidé.  The brand was formed in Cambridge in 2017 with the first shop opening in Lion's Yard, Cambridge.  It specializes in selling high-quality desserts, namely waffles with ice cream, milkshakes, coffee, and pastries.


I was approached by the owner to re-design the company logo and also draft a number of posters to be displayed on their shop and their websites.  Below were their previous designs and logos.

Idea Generation

To really take their brand to the next level, I set out to really create a design that would establish them as a "high-end" quality dessert company.

I sketched a few quick ideas that would eventually be digitalized in Adobe Photoshop.

I formatted the current photographs to show the owner what my logos would look like on their current signage.


Client Discussion

After having shown them my thoughts, they wanted to make a few changes and edits to my logo so that it reflected their vision.  Below is the final iteration of the logo that was used.

Poster Creation

After the logo had been finalized, I set out to create a number of different posters with varying themes to be displayed on the shop front's boards.

Shop Front Re-Design

In addition to all the graphic design, I designed a new shop front to change the look and vibe of the shop to something more refined.

Website Re-Design

The website went through a drastic transformation in my efforts to make it become more modern and distinct in its style to really enhance the products and brand.

All the changes including my menu re-design can be viewed at the website: btapbaron.co.uk